Muskrats / Groundhog Removal Services

Muskrats and Groundhogs can present a substantial threat to your property or home.


Muskrats typically are water creatures, living in ponds, streams and rivers. Their damage consist of burrowing into pond sides and dams causing immense damage if left unchecked.  The best method for removal is via trapping them outside their burrow. Our team can asses the damage being done and implement a solid plan to get rid of this nuisance critter.


Groundhogs are typically the opposite of Muskrats in that they live on dry ground. They can also cause much more damage to your home, outbuildings, and barns with dirt floors. The holes and burrows they create erode out under foundations and beams, causing collapse and many other issues.  These large rodents are also capable of decimating a garden.

Ignoring either of these animals and the damage they create can cause very costly long term issues and damage.

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Setting High Standards for Quality

We are committed to provide a safe, friendly wildlife removal services to our customers. It is not only our goal to safely remove the animals needed but to inform customers on how to prevent a return in the future. Our team of professional technicians are highly trained and certified to help you with all your wildlife removal needs.