Wildlife Exclusion Services in Indiana

The removal and safe capture of a nuisance animal from inside the home is only half of the battle.

If the wildlife entrance to the house is not found, other animals or even same type can re-enter and setup home. This is especially true of spaces under porches, decks, sheds, but also eves, awnings, gable vents. Areas that are out of sight and out of mind from most homeowners on a daily basis. Our team has several options for repair and exclusion so re-entry is going to be a much more difficult situation for the nuisance wildlife.

Some wildlife exclusion examples…

Bird Barrier

Chimney Guards

Hardware Cloth

While these are only a few of our methods, we have many options available for keeping wildlife out of your home, property, or offices.  Contact Us today to discuss all options available and which may be best for your specific nuisance animal needs.

Setting High Standards for Quality

We are committed to provide a safe, friendly wildlife removal services to our customers. It is not only our goal to safely remove the animals needed but to inform customers on how to prevent a return in the future. Our team of professional technicians are highly trained and certified to help you with all your wildlife removal needs.