Opossum Removal and Exclusion Services

While the Opossum is usually not an aggressive animal, they are opportunist by nature and will readily tear through any trash bags or containers left out looking for a free meal. They are also known for getting into attics and eves if any holes are available.  In doing so they will destroy insulation, using it for nesting and to stay warm if it is winter.  They also are capable of carrying secondary pests and some very dangerous diseases.

Trapping them is the preferred method for removal. Once removed from the area, it is very important to implore exclusion methods to prevent them from returning. If one Opossum saw an opportunity, others will that pass thru the area.

Contact Us immediately if you suspect you have an Opossum has taken up residence in your attic, desk space, or other areas of your property.

Setting High Standards for Quality

We are committed to provide a safe, friendly wildlife removal services to our customers. It is not only our goal to safely remove the animals needed but to inform customers on how to prevent a return in the future. Our team of professional technicians are highly trained and certified to help you with all your wildlife removal needs.